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  • Where are your consultants based?

    For the time beeing we are localized in UK and Norway, but we are working globally, and is extending our networks with qualified international consultants continuosly.

  • What is marine warranty?

    The Marine Warranty Surveyor is representing your company’s underwriters. Review/approve documentation / installation procedures. Attend HAZID/HAZOP’s. Suitability Survey’s of vessels to be used in marine offshore installation operations. Survey of loadout’s. Offshore attendance. Certification of operations (COA). All to secure risk is ALARP.

  • How quickly can I intiate a project?

    From the time we agree on the services you need, we should be able to inititate any project within 2-3 weeks. Marine warranty projects we can initiate in most circumstances immidiately.

  • Why should we use VeriComp as GRC provider?

    Because our practical and down-to-earth approach for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is something that works, and people can relate to and understand what we do and why we are doing it. This company is made as a reaction of seeing and experiencing 5-6 lawyers acting as Compliance Officers in corporate settings internationally. Let us state it bluntly they are more or less useless in this activity, as they lack the practical skill to see why we are doing what we are doing in the marine industry, and seem to be of a corruptible mentality makes them unable to see a non-compliance even if it staring them right in the face.

  • What is GRC?

    GRC stands for Governance, Risk and Compliance. Both Governance and Compliance is actually risk controls, so both have more or less to do with risk management. Governance policies and compliance requirements is lessons learned from former generations and collegues in the marine industry, as it was before all the acdemics came into the business and made everything way to difficult. Sometimes so difficult that we can doubt they understand themselves what they want to to achieve.

  • Do you have any offshore marine GRC application ?

    Yes. We have developed a application that serve as reminders and documentation for GRC and quality assurance purposes. Paperless. Read more here: Marine GRC Assurance (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Cloud Application (SAS)

  • Is your consultants certified risk managers?

    Yes. All our consultants working with risk and compliance are certified risk managers, and some also certified compliance managers.

  • What is Third Party Verification?

    Safety regulations in many countries as EU require an indenpendant review to verify that all its safety critical equipment (SCE) on an offshore asset is, and remains, in good working order. An independent verification company / Technically Competent Person is needed to provide this assurance. Compliance verification in accordance with statutory regulatory requirements, applicable branch standards and company specifications, may involve document review, independent analysis, fit-for-purpose assessments (suitability surveys) and peer review workshops.

  • Do you accept whistleblowers for your Clients Employees?

    Yes. As our Client companies Compliance Officers, our contact details and link to our whistleblower form here is available onboard and ashore for information, to report misconduct of possible corruption and bribery that can be sent via us to keep the reporter/whistleblower anonymous if so desired. You will find the Whistleblower Form in the menu above, you can choose to be anynomous. Please tick the ‘Anonymous’ box in form if you prefer to be anonymous towards Employer

  • How can I earn Finders Fee?

    1. There is a job you do not want to do, or have no time to do, or is not competent to do. 2. Find a candidate on the website that is competent. 3. Email us to register as marine networker. 3. You earn 15 % finders fee of invoiced amount of the contract.